4th Annual Seattle Conference

Every year, we address several aspects of the Bioeconomy, including biofuel, biotechnology, and green chemistry. The impact of biofuels on greenhouse gases is subject to debate.

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Week #4 Results

Way to go with those steps!

Week 4 showed some jockeying in the Top Ten.

Each team had at least one Top Ten Stepper. School of Walk had three in the Top Ten!

These Top Ten Steppers anchored their efforts as School of Walk made their move into second spot ahead of Too Inspired to be Tired (who seems to need a little more inspiration!).

Your top ten High Steppers were:

Michele Xu, Louis Auger, Corrine Richmond, Calvin Gagnier, Jennifer Schulze, Jade Lam, Liliana Zuleta, Julie Reid, Kaitlyn Mulder & Jocelyn James

Congratulations to Team You's Ain't Bolt who continues to hold the lead.

This is the last week. Make it count!

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June 26 (8:00 am) – June 27 (6:00 pm)

Payments must be made by 6:00 pm on June 27 to receive the early bird rate.

Schedule now posted online and at the desk.

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