Monthly Archives: April 2014

Choosing your habits

When contemplating the prospect of a healthier lifestyle, your initial thoughts might turn to the bad habits you should give up.  In reality, wellness is not an ethic of self-denial but rather it is a philosophy of self-renewal and self-expectancy.  It doesn’t take long to realize that being healthy is far more than just what’s left after you’ve given up all your bad habits.  Being healthy is an active process that maximizes your vitality and effectiveness. It is true that […]

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Spring Cleaning for Body & Mind

Why not take a more holistic approach to spring cleaning in 2014? Cleaning out the closet and cleaning the windows are two of our traditional spring cleaning activities, but our body and mind would benefit from some attention too! For the Body The essential process of generating energy is dependent on the health of our digestive system. Healers from various disciplines throughout history have pointed out the important connection between good health and proper digestion and elimination. Good Digestion . […]

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