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Movement Of The Week Update

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                Movement of the Week now has its own page! The Wellness Center staff hopes you have enjoyed the Movements of the Week being provided in the facility as well as on our website. Previously the Movement of the Week (MOTW) has been posted on our blog at However the MOTW now has its very own page on the Wellness Centre website. Follow the link at the bottom or find it on our […]

The Run Group that Could!

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The Nexen Wellness Centre offered a Stampede Road Race Prep Clinic this past spring. The training started April 28 with Nexen contractor and run coach, Sheena Denscombe. Sheena put the group through their paces every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch for 10 weeks. They trained hard. They had fun. They accomplished their goal. Below, Sheena tells us a little bit about the run club experience and provides a glimpse into their July 6 race day experience. “Here is what Win Together […]

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              Description: Begin in a hanging position with your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Pull yourself up until your chin reaches bar level, driving your elbows towards the floor. Keep your core tight all the way through the lifting motion without swinging or using momentum to assist the movement. In order to keep your body-weight centered, you can cross your legs beneath you as you lift yourself up. Once your chin surpasses […]


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Description: Start in standing position with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart with a slight bend in the knees. Holding the med-ball with both hands palms spread, extend arms to left side diagonally overhead and extend through the hip so that the right foot is on the toes. On inhale, bend the knees and push hips back into a ¼ squat while lowering arms diagonally across body (to right side). Rotate torso (at mid spine) by pulling abdominals against […]