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7 Healthy Tips for the Holidays

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7 Healthy Tips for the Holidays The holidays are the hardest time of year to eat right. Luckily, a Christmas turkey means you’ll be eating lean white meat, which is a great start toward healthier eating. Find out what else you can do to enjoy your meal without increasing your waistline and cholesterol. 1. Toss the Turkey Skin As soon as you grab a slice of turkey, trim off the skin. Though delicious, the skin is very high in fat — and not […]


We all want food to taste great. Nobody (well, nobody besides a picky 3-year-old) can sustain a diet based around bland and boring food — no matter how “healthy” that food is. So, to pump up the flavour, we often use condiments – stuff like ketchup, mayonnaise, guacamole, barbecue sauce, and more. The good news: Some of these condiments are actually good for us! You can probably guess the bad news, right? Some of them are not. How can we […]