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Road to Rio Olympic Challenge

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  MAY 24 – JUNE 24 Discover your inner Olympian! This summer Rio de Janeiro will host the  games of the XXXI Olympiad!  In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, the wellness centre staff are inviting members of all fitness levels to participate in our Road to Rio Olympic Challenge.  Each week this team-based challenge will highlight one of five Pillars of Athletic Training (Endurance, Power, Agility, Core Performance and Nutrition), bringing out the Olympian within you. Watch for the official […]

The “10 Commandments” of Workout Safety and Gym Etiquette

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Over the years of working out, I’ve seen some truly thoughtless & dangerous activities unfold in the gym. Here are “10 Commandments” to keep yourself and others in the gym safe and happy. Rule #1: Use Weights that You can Properly Handle. This man is asking to be seriously injured or killed, AND he is not building his muscles because his spotters (2 on each end and 1 in the middle) are doing all the work. He needs to lower […]

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