Amazing Alberta Week #5

Leg #5 – Torrington to Wetaskiwin
March 6 – 12

It’s almost time to scurry away from Torrington. Let’s keep this well-oiled machine moving and make our way up to Wetaskiwin!

Once both team members have completed this week’s Mileage task as well as the Point of Interest task, come to the fitness desk to put your sticker on the tracking board. Your sticker is your ticket to remain in the challenge!

The deadline to retrieve your team’s sticker for Week 4 is Monday, March 6th at 6:00 PM.

Located 2 Km west of Wetaskiwin, the Reynolds-Alberta Museum traces the mechanization of Alberta’s transportation, aviation, agricultural, and industrial past from the 1890s to present. Cars and trucks replaced horse-drawn buggies and wagons, huge factories replaced the village blacksmith shop, and animal and human-powered farm implements were replaced by mechanized equipment.


Mileage Task:
Adventurer: 80 minutes

Tourist: 55 minutes

Point of Interest Task: 

Celebrate the “spirit of the machine” by incorporating at least 3 different pieces of cardio equipment while completing your Mileage Task. We’ve got the machines, you provide the elbow grease!

Expand your wellness experience by including at least 3 of the following pieces of cardio equipment: treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, Jacob’s Ladder, rower, stepper, arm ergometer and Cardio Wave machine.

The minutes spent completing this task will count toward your Mileage Task. Because you are required to complete your cardiovascular exercise in bouts of at least 15 minutes, this will account for 45 of your Mileage Task minutes!

You are not required to do the workout with your partner, but both teammates must complete the workout in order to complete this Point of Interest Task.

To see the full description of Week 5 – Torrington to Wetaskiwin – click here.

(You do not have to complete your Mileage task before you do the Point of Interest task. Any order will do!)

Get your elbow grease & get ‘er done!


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