Amazing Alberta Week #6

Leg #6 – Wetaskiwin to Vegreville
March 13 – 17 (LAST WEEK!)

Let’s keep this challenge motoring along as we roll on up to Vegreville!

Once both team members have completed this week’s Mileage task as well as the Point of Interest task, come to the fitness desk to put your sticker on the tracking board. Your sticker is your ticket to finish the challenge and be entered for draw prizes!

The deadline to retrieve your team’s sticker for Week 5 is Monday, March 13th at 6:00 PM.

Vegreville’s famous weather-vane Easter Egg (the Pysanka) reflects the folk tradition of the area. By the 1950’s there were more than 30 different ethnic groups living in the Vegreville area. The four largest were the English, French, German and Ukrainian. With the advent of Ukrainians to Vegreville, came a colorful folk culture with its exuberant dance and other folk traditions such as egg-decorating.

This Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter Egg) symbolizes the harmony, vitality and culture of the community and is dedicated as a tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who brought peace and security to the largest multi-cultural settlement in all of Canada.

Mileage Task:
Adventurer: 60 minutes

Tourist: 40 minutes

Point of Interest Task:
Visit the Wellness Centre main desk & select an egg. Each egg contains a different activity that you and your teammate will need to complete this week.

TIP: Visit the Wellness Centre desk early this week in case the activity you get requires extra time to complete.

You are not required to do the activity with your partner, but both teammates must complete it in order to get credit for this Point of Interest, cross the finish line and be entered for draw prizes.

To see the full description of Week 6 – Wetaskiwin to Vegreville – click here.

(You do not have to complete your Mileage task before you do the Point of Interest task. Any order will do!)

Get Crackin’!

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