JULY – Train Your Brain #7

You have officially passed the halfway mark in the Train your Brain – Meditation for calm, control & confidence sessions with the seventh of the 2017 monthly series having taken place July 20.

You’re getting more into the money game now. The first six months focused on more general information while you gradually learned to relax your body and fine-tune your mind. Seven months in, the time has come to practically apply the tools you have acquired to begin to take a more active role in the creation of your life.

This process begins by understanding your relationship to the world around you and the principle of brain entrainment. The root of entrainment is ‘entrain’. Entrain can be defined as, ‘to board a train’ or “to carry along’. Brainwave entrainment is the phenomenon where your brain waves fall into rhythm with a larger or more powerful rhythm in your environment. Just like getting on a train, your brain, more or less, hops aboard another electrical rhythm.

Think of a riot. An energy builds. Feelings of  anger, violence and aggression present in the minds of a few spark a reaction and spread through the crowd like a wildfire. Individuals are pulled into the momentum of the group mind, acting in uncharacteristic ways. This is the power of entrainment. Like a storm building in an ocean, the waves grow progressively bigger as more and more drops of water are synchronized into the storms rhythm, creating a mass force of destruction.

On the other end of the spectrum, consider the microscopic, cellular environment. Studies have been done where a liver cell has been transplanted into a kidney. Within 24 hours, the liver cell has become a kidney cell. Similar to the riot example, the dominant energy field of the kidney cells transform the life rhythm of the liver cell into that of a kidney cell.

The strongest rhythm wins.

The connecting link between you and the fields of energy that surround you is not only your brain but your entire head and spine referred together as the central nervous system (CNS). Your CNS operates as both a transmitter and receiver. Housing seven primary neural bundles or plexi that are equivalent to seven levels of your mind, your CNS transmits your state of mind at any given moment.

In transmitting or “leadership” mode, you have the ability to influence the thoughts, feelings and resulting actions of those around you. In receiving or “follower” mode, you may be dominated by the signal of another individual or group as in the examples of the riot and cellular transplant above.

Consider the nature of your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Does it inspire you to think that you could be influencing the minds of others to think, feel and act like you? What kind of world would this create? Would you want to be a part of it? On the other hand, how are others influencing you? Do your friends like to overeat and binge watch movies or enjoy the outdoors and eat clean? Do the environments you choose to participate in support what you want for yourself? Are your friends making your fatter, richer, more pessimistic or more active?

The Train your Brain #7 meditation (link below) focused on uniting the unique rhythms of the participants into one, peaceful wave of positive, life-giving energy. Like water rippling outward, this energy was then expanded to include and synchronize the collective rhythm of the Nexen Tower and beyond. Can you benefit from greater feelings of peace and relaxation? Join the movement, click here. The meditation begins at 12:35 on the timeline.

Together, we can make the Nexen environment peaceful, calm, focused and productive…in fact, Best in Class. The mind is a powerful tool. Learning to focus and direct your mind not only allows you to more consciously create the life you desire but, as a leader or organization, the power of entrainment can be utilized to build culture, create hope, realize performance goals and more.

The next session is August 17, 12:15-12:55 p.m. in the Discovery Theater (Annex A). I’ll be away however Anna Gignac, Nexen employee and Certified Meditation Instructor, will speak briefly about the power of meditation in her life and then lead you in a meditation experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how meditation has played a key role in a corporate life. Register on myGPS now!

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