MARCH – Train Your Brain #3

We came together on March 16 for the third session of Train Your Brain.

Last month, the focus of the session was space. Space is critical. It is the space that allows the energy field around each cell to communicate with the DNA, keeping the cell operating in an ideal way (Dr. Harold Saxton-Burr, Yale Medical School). In the bigger picture, the relationship between the energy field and the cellular DNA ensures you experience a natural development process that results in the expression of your ideal self. At each stage of your life, you are able to express the full potential of your being as encoded within your DNA – not just your physical expression – but the expression of the ‘script’ for your life – ideal career, relationship, geographical location.

This is the power of meditation. Each time you sit you clear the everyday concerns of the mind and plug into the power of the field. Like downloading a program, you can receive intuitive information, insight and inspiration regarding your optimal life path. You get to know yourself better. What was unknown gradually becomes known.

The biggest thing that blocks the communication between the guidance of the field and your DNA is mind-generated thoughts and feelings. Specifically, judgements about yourself, others and your environment act as filters that separate you from life. Like the Peanuts comic strip character Pigpen (right), the mind creates a cloud of energy that fills the space between the cell and the field.

The result of this energetic clutter is the blockage, distortion or disconnection of the communication between our cellular make-up and the field.

Meditation teaches us to restore this connection and thrive.

The challenge I posed at the end of the session was to practice Equal Ratio Breathing each day for the remaining 15 days of March. This will aid greatly in clearing the field, settling the mind and moving you closer to the expression of your full potential.

Practice equal ratio breathing for 10 minutes each day (the time includes establishing your initial diaphragmatic rhythm). Full instructions are available here.

You can also listen to the full recording of the March session here. The recording includes a 25-minute guided meditation.

The next session is April 20, 12:15-12:55 p.m. in the Discovery Theater (Annex A).
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All are welcome.

I look forward to seeing you there,Paul

Program Coordinator
Nexen Wellness Centre



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