MAY – Train Your Brain #5


BUT, there doesn’t have to be.

Self-Control is a trainable skill and in the last session of Train Your Brain on May 18, the training began. Missed it? Don’t worry. The summary and WebEX recording link are below so you can become savvy with self-control too.

As we did in the session, let’s start here with a couple of basic True or False questions from Randy Kulman’s book, Train Your Brain for SuccessA Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions.

T / F     I am easily frustrated.
T / F     I often act too quickly without thinking about the consequences of my behaviour.
T / F     I can often become moody.

A “True” answer to any of the above questions may indicate that self control is an area that you could improve upon. The more positive responses you had, the more likely you would benefit from self control training.

Consider our friend at the top. What could he be thinking as he tries to pull his hair out? Maybe, “Why do you do that?”  “Why is this happening to me?”

Whatever he is thinking, you can be pretty sure that it’s not based on acceptance of the present moment. Generally, when we feel tense and uptight, it is because we are resisting life the way it is currently.

The key is to take a few breaths, relax and, just as you accept the breath unconditionally, accept life as it expressing itself. One of my teachers, Dr. Mary Lynch, told me, “Don’t tell life how it will be. Let life show you how it is.” Acceptance is the foundation of stress free living.

You know you are accepting life as it is when you feel relaxed. Ideally, relaxed is your natural state. You’re not reacting to your current circumstances. You’re neutral. Like a still body of water, you’re calm but sensitive. Any disturbance will create a ripple in your awareness. This sensitivity provides choice. At the first sign of worry, stress or discontent, you can choose to either build that ripple into a mega wave or simply let it pass like a gentle breeze that ripples the surface of the water and then is gone. It’s your choice. You’re in control.

Listen to the full WebEx recording of the May session here. The recording includes a 30-minute meditation practice. Repeat it as many times as you would like to help calm the ocean within.

The next session is June 11, 12:15-12:55 p.m. in the Discovery Theater (Annex A).
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All are welcome.

I look forward to seeing you there,Paul

Program Coordinator
Nexen Wellness Centre



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