ME Time – January 11

The first session of “ME Time” took place January 11. ME Time is time to focus on nobody but you. It’s your chance to relax, re-energize and reconnect.

The session started out with an overview of “the story so far”, reviewing the Train Your Brain sessions last year and how they have lead to the evolution of ME Time.

In general, last year involved setting up the foundation for practice by establishing the internal circuitry of the mind conducive to practice.

Like watching hair grow, these changes in the functioning of our internal systems can be elusive. Imagine a seed that has been planted. The growth process begins to take place in the soil out of view of the human eye. At some point, growth passes the threshold of the earth’s surface and the little green shoot of the plant pokes through the soil and comes into view.

The same applies to the practice of meditation. Many changes go on unnoticed within until the day comes when those changes sprout from the unconscious and subconscious minds into our conscious awareness. Then the fruits of our practice become apparent. In the meantime, patience is required as we trust in the process of meditation to fuel our development.

Fertilize your mind. Listen to the first session of ME Time by clicking here.

Join us for the next session on January 25 by registering on myGPS.

You’ll be glad you did!

Paul Larmer
Program Coordinator
Nexen Wellness Centre

Anna Gignac
Manager – SCM, CNOOC Integration
Nexen CNOOC Ltd.

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