ME Time – June 28

Once again Nexen Employee and Meditation Instructor, Stefan Zanon stepped up to the helm to guide
this session of ME Time.

Stefan continued to evolve the June 14 practice by adding alternate nostril breathing.

Three part or deep, diaphragmatic breathing establishes a steady breath rhythm and induces relaxation.

Equal ratio breathing then begins to balance the left and right sides of the brain, cultivating a balance between alertness and relaxation.

Then comes alternate nostril breathing, deepening the focus on balance by ensuring that both left and right nostrils as well as the corresponding right and left brain hemispheres are equally stimulated and active. This is effectively done by using only one nostril
at a time so that the respective volumes of each nostril are evident.

Listen to the full session here to receive complete instructions and reap all of the benefits of alternate
nostril breathing.

The next ME Time session is Thursday, July 12 12:15 – 12:45 pm in Annex Horizon.
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Paul Larmer
Program Coordinator
Nexen Wellness Centre

ME Time Meditation Class
with Paul Larmer & Anna Gignac
12:15 – 12:45 pm
2nd & 4th Thursdays Monthly
Next Session: July 12
Annex Horizon

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