DECEMBER – Train Your Brain #12

As promised back in January, we dedicated all of our time to meditation practice in the final Train Your Brain session held on the Solstice, December 21.

The focus of the practice was moving from the darkness to the light. aligning with the energy of the Solstice. Participants were asked to envision what they would like to transform in their life. Acknowledging the teachings of fundamental science that energy can neither be created or destroyed but only change form, the task of the participants was to bring attention to an area of their life that is not working or they’ve outgrown and imagine it becoming something new.

You can still use the power of your imagination to benefit from this practice. Click here to be guided through this brief exercise. Then, I suggest you keep listening, allowing the meditation to focus your mind into a more powerful creative force for reinforcing your vision at the end of the practice.

Next year, Train the Brain itself is transformed into a new approach to meditation that I’m calling ME Time.

ME Time recognizes the importance of having time in your day to relax, re-energize and reconnect to yourself.

ME also stands for Meditation Education.

The original Greek roots of the word education mean, “to bring out what’s within.” Like a deep sea diver, we are able to explore the vastness of our deepest thoughts and feelings through meditation. The stillness and quiet allows you to sink beneath the surface of your “everyday” mind and uncover the depths of the subconscious and unconscious aspects of your thoughts and feelings. Depths that unbeknownst to you may be influencing the lens of your mind and may be sabotaging what you really want to see in your life.

To manifest the balance of the male and female, I’ll be teaming up with Anna Gignac, Nexen employee and Certified Meditation Instructor, to deliver these bimonthly sessions on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.

The sessions will focus on creating a deeper practice. They will be shortened to 30 minutes, concentrating your attention span.

The locations will vary from the Annex B Horizon, Annex A Legacy, Annex Discovery, Annex 3 and Connect One meeting rooms so make sure to pay particular attention to the room location for each session.

The first session is Thursday, January 11 in Horizon (Annex B). Registration is open now on myGPS.

I look forward to continuing our time together.


Paul Larmer
Program Coordinator
Nexen Wellness Centre




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