Olympic Bingo – Day 27

Today, your workout can benefit yourself and another!

Start by choosing any event from the Workout Booklet that helps you move closer to the podium. Complete the workout and mark your card.

THEN mark one other person’s card for the same event and help them get on the podium too!
(They don’t have to do the workout. Simply place a sticker on their event square and write GIFT on the sticker.)

You can even do this as a random act of kindness. Simply flip through the cards in the binder and find someone who needs the workout that you just did. Mark their card and write “Gift” on the sticker.

Need a couple of workouts on your own card still? See if you can find one, two or three people to gift you!

After all, health is not only looking after your physical body. Having positive relationships and feeling connected, nurtures your emotional wellness.


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