Olympic Bingo – WINNERS!

Olympic Bingo wrapped up Friday at 6:00 pm. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the six weeks of fun.

82 Olympic hopefuls registered for the challenge.
23 completed a medal pattern on their bingo card.

  • 13 Gold Medalists
  • 4 Silver Medalists
  • 6 Bronze Medalists

All of the medalists were included in the Bronze draw, Gold and Silver in the Silver draw and Gold medalists for the Gold draw.

Drum roll please…
The 2018 Olympic Bingo winners are:






We hope you had fun, freshened up your exercise routine and learned some favourite new moves.

We would love to receive your feedback to three simple questions.
k here to help us bring you even more fun in the future!

Michele, Paul & Cailee

Wellness Centre Team


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