Personal Trainers

Tara Luterbach,
Master Trainer

Education: BKin. Mind Sciences,  University Of Calgary

Certification & Training: CSEP-Exercise Physiologist, TRX certified, Olympic Level 1-Weightlifting, Rowing Coach Technical Level 1, Pre-Postnatal Specialist

Tara has been coined as the go-to trainer by colleagues and friends, for having an uncanny ability to help any client move better and feel stronger. She has had a unique training background where she oversaw over 90 clients in a week with several movement challenges. She has a wide range of training experience from the beginner weightlifter, to individuals with chronic injuries to training & testing police persons to pass their fitness tests. After having her second child, she incurred some health challenges that took her knowledge of health and wellness to even deeper levels. She also recently took a postnatal specialist certification. Tara looks forward to helping more women navigate motherhood and movement with the new tools she has learned.

Tara has worked in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years, fitness and wellness have always been an important part of her life. She believes it is so important to find ways to be consistent with exercise and meet your body where it is at while being challenged to improve. Fitness and health gains can take on many forms and can be very unique for each individual.

Tim Licudine,
Personal Trainer

Education: BSc Mind Sciences in Kinesiology, University of Calgary & 3000-hour Massage Therapy Diploma, MaKami College

Certifications & Training: CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, TRX R4 certified, CPR & First Aid

I exercise so that I have the freedom to move the way I want to, eat the way that I want to, and live the way that I want to. I want to show my clients that fitness isn’t just about a number on a scale, the number of kilometers you can run, or even the amount of weight you can lift. Those numbers will come and go. Rather, fitness is having the discipline to take care of your body and having the confidence in yourself and your abilities in your everyday life.

I have an intense desire to help people. I really care about my clients. Training allows me to help people in a variety of ways. I understand the mental and emotional side of fitness and want to show how fitness can affect not only your body, but almost every aspect of life.

I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge.  I love to learn – not just about things that will help me with my career – but anything that will help me grow and make me a better person today than I was yesterday.  I like to test my limits and work to conquer my fears, so I am constantly trying out new ways to test my body and mind.

Ron Luciuk,
Personal Trainer

Education: B.Sc. Pharmacy University of Saskatchewan, Personal Trainer Diploma Mount Royal University

Certification & Training: CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, Olympic Weightlifting 1, FMS 1-2, AFLCA Certified Strength, Group Exercise, Cycle & Older Adult

I grew up aspiring to maintain my health through active living. I chose a career in Pharmacy because drug therapy is an acceptable method of correcting health issues. I spent 25 years working in Health Care treating the results of poor health primarily caused by lifestyle.

I left the Pharmaceutical industry and completed a Personal Fitness Training diploma at MRU in 2014. My passion for fitness as a means to enhance health was reignited along with an appreciation of how nutrition can help the body optimize itself naturally.

My personal training focuses on strength, cardiovascular fitness and functional movement. I provide inspiration and instruction to individuals in fitness, health and well-being.

My free time is spent in the mountains backpacking, enjoying and rejuvenating in nature.


Zoe Welsh,
Personal Trainer

Education: Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary. 

Certification & Training: CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, CPR, First Aid

Fitness and physical activity has always been a big part of Zoe’s life.  While attending university, Zoe volunteered with both the Joint Effort program and the Rehabilitation and Fitness program, where she suggested and implemented modifications to their exercise programs to help maximize the progress of the rehabilitation clients. This kick started her passion for introducing individuals to fitness and helping them to achieve and maintain their fitness goals. She believes that fitness is a lifestyle and what you put into life, is what you get back. In her spare time, Zoe enjoys being outdoors in the mountains, hiking, mountain biking or camping.  Traveling is another passion of Zoe’s, whether it’s at home here in Alberta or to other parts of the world. She also enjoys baking and photography.

Kevin Fukami
Personal Trainer

Education: BSc in Kinesiology, University of Calgary

Certification & Training: CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, AFLCA Certified Resistance Training Leader

Kevin has over 8 years of experience in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer, sport conditioning coach and wellness consultant.  He has worked with people from a variety of sports, age groups, personalities and occupations. His extensive background and education provides him with the ability to be versatile and find the appropriate training intensity and style for each client. Kevin has trained recreation, national-level, and professional athletes in sports such as: soccer, hockey, football, softball, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and even curling.  

The values that Kevin believes in above almost all else are effort and persistence.  As someone who has experienced injuries and struggles throughout his own fitness journey, Kevin knows what it means to overcome obstacles.  “It is perfectly normal to hit speed bumps on the road to your health and wellness goals. It is not the absence of struggle, but how you overcome it that defines your success”.

Kevin preaches progress, not perfection.

mahTyler Mah,
Personal Trainer

Education: B.Sc. in Kinesiology Biomechanics, University of Calgary

Certification & Training: CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, AFLCA (Cycling, Choreography & Portable Equipment), 7 years WTF Tae Kwon Do, corrective exercises, mobility exercises, TRX, kettlebell, posture correction and others.

Tyler has over five years of personal training experience with various companies including the YMCA, World Health Club, Goodlife Fitness and now Health Systems Group. He has a passion for learning and gets caught up researching, studying, practicing and discussing various topics for months at a time. Recent topics include high intensity training, ‘paleo’ nutrition and lifestyle, and the Biomechanics Method assessments and exercises. This continuous growth allows Tyler to keep training programs fresh but at the same time true to proven exercise principles.

On a personal note, he is born and raised Calgarian, involved in many sports growing up with Volleyball and Tae Kwon Do to name a couple favourites. When less active, he plays his acoustic guitar and reads a lot of non-fiction.

Favourite Quotes:

  • “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” – Socrates
  • I don’t fully believe in what anyone says unless I have personally witnessed what they are describing first hand.” – Dr. Walter Herzog (on academic research)

MicheleMichele Merrell,
Manager; Master Trainer

Education: B. PE., University of Alberta

Certification & Training: CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist, AFLCA Trainer of Leaders, Precision Nutrition Level 1, TRX Suspension Training, Stott PilatesTM Intensive Mat-Plus

Michele has worked for Health Systems Group for 19 years in just about every corporate fitness centre in downtown Calgary. She received a Bachelor of Physical Education degree with a focus on Fitness and Health Promotion from the University of Alberta. Although Michele has worked with all types of people, she gets most excited working with new exercisers. She finds it particularly rewarding to see the positive changes in previously inactive individuals when they adopt a regular exercise program.

Michele recently completed the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification and she is currently doing the year-long Precision Nutrition Level 2 coaching program. 

Michele is a native Calgarian and avid traveler. She enjoys recreational activities such as downhill skiing, cycling, in-line skating, hiking and walking.

PaulPaul Larmer,
Program Coordinator; Personal Trainer

Education: B. PE., McMaster University

Certification & Training: CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer, YMCA Group Fitness & Individual Conditioning Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Registered Massage Therapist, Tabata BootcampTMLeader, TRX Trainer, Psychosomatic Therapist, Certified Clairvoyant, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Paul loves his work. He believes health makes all things possible. A member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, Paul possesses a Physical Education Degree, Massage Therapy Diploma and Yoga Instructor Certificate. He spent 10 years in business for himself (Marathon Sports Massage, 1999-2002, Home Sanctuary Inc., 2003-2011) providing people with the confidence and knowledge to maintain their own health.

Paul is currently working to complete his new book, Equal Access: How Self Care is the New Healthcare in order to empower people to take charge of their health. Paul enjoys cycling to work, being a parent and trying new things.

He has had the experience of guiding dogsled tours, running marathons, teaching rock climbing and singing with the Irish Rovers! Good health has made all these experiences possible. Paul looks forward to meeting you and helping you do all the things that you want to do.