SEPTEMBER – Train Your Brain #9

Do you find yourself doing the same things and getting the same unwanted result?

This month Train Your Brain focused on breaking these patterns through exercising the executive function of self-awareness.

Did you know that your brain is hardwired for insanity? (Probably makes sense when you think of your day to day, right!) Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We often know where our actions will lead us. We’ve been there before. Yet, we fail to change and fall into the same “hole in the sidewalk.”

It’s hard to change these habits. We’re up against the natural functioning of our brain. Your brain’s top priority is survival. Even though you may not like where you end up, the brain’s point of view is that if it didn’t kill you, then, hey, let’s to it again. It’s safe.

To make a positive change, we have to get really focused and consciously override this hardwired default called the homeostatic response. We need to take control and show’em who’s boss!

Meditation is a great tool for developing the executive function of self awareness. Executive functions are functions of the higher brain centres that can be trained to override lower instinctive responses, like the homeostatic response, allowing us to make a different choice. Different choice, different result. Finally, we can walk down another road.

Are you ready to experience more of what you want in life, letting go of the safety of your comfort zone?


Start easy.

Begin training your self awareness today by listening to the recorded session and practicing all or part of the meditation provided.

Don’t miss the next session Thursday, October 19 when we’ll continue to deepen our practice, whipping our brains into shape for the lives we desire.

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PaulPaul Larmer
Program Coordinator
Nexen Wellness Centre




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