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Register for LINE DANCING

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Join us July 3, 12:00 – 12:45 pm in the Annex for this fantastic Stampede Primer. Professional instructors from Dance Through Life will be leading fun, easy to follow line dances choreographed to current music. You’ll be Stampede ready! No experience necessary. Click here to see the instructors in action. Click here to register. Non-members are also welcome to join by calling the wellness centre at extension 6400 to reserve your place.

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Making Strides – Welcome to Week #2

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Great job on week #1 everyone! We’re seeing a lot of steps being recorded. This week we challenge you to review your daily steps from last week  and, then, plan to STEP IT UP this week. You could arrange a group walk for bonus points or just park a little further from your destination in order to log a few more footprints. To get even more out of every stride, click here for a great article on walking posture or […]

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Olympic Bingo – Day 3

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It’s your choice! Yes, that’s right. Today, you have the freedom to choose whatever event workout you like to move toward the completion of your chosen bingo pattern. Simply click here to browse the complete Olympic Bingo Workout Booklet. The Workouts are also available (with extra copies to use while completing the workout) in the wellness centre at the Olympic Bingo station on the end of the main desk. GO FOR GOLD!

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DECEMBER – Train Your Brain #12

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As promised back in January, we dedicated all of our time to meditation practice in the final Train Your Brain session held on the Solstice, December 21. The focus of the practice was moving from the darkness to the light. aligning with the energy of the Solstice. Participants were asked to envision what they would like to transform in their life. Acknowledging the teachings of fundamental science that energy can neither be created or destroyed but only change form, the […]

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OCTOBER – Train Your Brain #10

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This month targeted focused attention. The fast-paced nature of our society is conditioning our minds to pay attention at short intervals to ‘loud’ stimulation. Whether its a barrage of images, bright lights or big sound; marketing, movies and technology train our minds to flash from one point of focus to another. Not only does this condition a continually shorter attention span, it also influences the depth of our observation. We tend to glide over the surface of our experience unaware […]

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Amazing Alberta Week #6

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Leg #6 – Wetaskiwin to Vegreville March 13 – 17 (LAST WEEK!) Let’s keep this challenge motoring along as we roll on up to Vegreville! Once both team members have completed this week’s Mileage task as well as the Point of Interest task, come to the fitness desk to put your sticker on the tracking board. Your sticker is your ticket to finish the challenge and be entered for draw prizes! The deadline to retrieve your team’s sticker for Week […]

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Amazing Alberta Week #1

Leg #1 – Calgary to Frank February 6 – 12 Welcome to Leg #1 of the Amazing Alberta Fitness Challenge. Our journey begins travelling south to Frank, AB. Click here to see the travel instructions & Point of Interest task guidelines. Report in to the Wellness Centre when you and your partner have completed both your minutes and point of Interest Task in order to get your sticker for the week. Remember Week #1 requirements have to be complete by Sunday […]

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JANUARY – Train Your Brain #1

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Another 4 days gone and counting! Last Thursday, we held the first of 12 monthly Train Your Brain sessions in Nexen’s Discovery Theatre (replay link below). I began the conversation wishing everyone a Happy New Year and reminding you that you now had 346 days to make this year count. Today marks 341. Have you used each day to take practical steps toward your goals? Training the mind is like training the body. You need a plan done consistently to drive change. I suggested […]

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Week #5 Turkey to Turkey Challenge 2016

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NOVEMBER 7 – 13 After reducing sitting time last week, you’re probably standing up while reading this email so take a seat. This week is all about slowing down, not all the time, at meal times. Check out the full challenge details below: Week #5 Moderate-vigorous exercise to burn: Single Serving: 1450 cal Goin’ for Seconds: 1950 cal Week #5 Wellness Challenge: Eat Slowly Read the Article (below) Slow down your eating pace and take at least 20 minutes to […]

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Week #4 Turkey to Turkey Challenge 2016

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OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 6 Did you successfully unplug 2 hours before bed each day last week? This week continue to explore new habits that your body and mind will thank you for by reducing your daily sitting time. Check out the full challenge details below: Week #4 Moderate-vigorous exercise to burn: Single Serving: 1300 cal Goin’ for Seconds: 1750 cal Week #4 Wellness Challenge: Reduce Sitting Time Read the Article (below) Use at least one of the anti-sitting strategies […]

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