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Amazing Alberta Week #6

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Leg #6 – Wetaskiwin to Vegreville March 13 – 17 (LAST WEEK!) Let’s keep this challenge motoring along as we roll on up to Vegreville! Once both team members have completed this week’s Mileage task as well as the Point of Interest task, come to the fitness desk to put your sticker on the tracking board. Your sticker is your ticket to finish the challenge and be entered for draw prizes! The deadline to retrieve your team’s sticker for Week […]

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Amazing Alberta Week #1

Leg #1 – Calgary to Frank February 6 – 12 Welcome to Leg #1 of the Amazing Alberta Fitness Challenge. Our journey begins travelling south to Frank, AB. Click here to see the travel instructions & Point of Interest task guidelines. Report in to the Wellness Centre when you and your partner have completed both your minutes and point of Interest Task in order to get your sticker for the week. Remember Week #1 requirements have to be complete by Sunday […]

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JANUARY – Train Your Brain #1

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Another 4 days gone and counting! Last Thursday, we held the first of 12 monthly Train Your Brain sessions in Nexen’s Discovery Theatre (replay link below). I began the conversation wishing everyone a Happy New Year and reminding you that you now had 346 days to make this year count. Today marks 341. Have you used each day to take practical steps toward your goals? Training the mind is like training the body. You need a plan done consistently to drive change. I suggested […]

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Week #5 Turkey to Turkey Challenge 2016

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NOVEMBER 7 – 13 After reducing sitting time last week, you’re probably standing up while reading this email so take a seat. This week is all about slowing down, not all the time, at meal times. Check out the full challenge details below: Week #5 Moderate-vigorous exercise to burn: Single Serving: 1450 cal Goin’ for Seconds: 1950 cal Week #5 Wellness Challenge: Eat Slowly Read the Article (below) Slow down your eating pace and take at least 20 minutes to […]

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Week #4 Turkey to Turkey Challenge 2016

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OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 6 Did you successfully unplug 2 hours before bed each day last week? This week continue to explore new habits that your body and mind will thank you for by reducing your daily sitting time. Check out the full challenge details below: Week #4 Moderate-vigorous exercise to burn: Single Serving: 1300 cal Goin’ for Seconds: 1750 cal Week #4 Wellness Challenge: Reduce Sitting Time Read the Article (below) Use at least one of the anti-sitting strategies […]

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Week #3 Turkey to Turkey Challenge 2016

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OCTOBER 24 – OCTOBER 30 Week #3 has arrived. The first two weeks you worked on some positive eating habits. Now we turn your attention to technology. Here’s your challenge: Week #3 Moderate-vigorous exercise to burn: Single Serving: 1150 cal Goin’ for Seconds : 1550 cal Week #3 Wellness Challenge: No Screen Time 2 Hours Before Bed Read the Article (below) Avoid using electronics with displays 2 hours before bed (i.e. TVs, computers, iPads / tablets, cell phones, e-readers) Record 1 point on your challenge tracking […]

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Week #2 Turkey to Turkey Challenge 2016

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OCTOBER 17 – OCTOBER 23 Welcome to week #2 of Turkey to Turkey. Last week, you made a positive change by avoiding deep-fried foods. This week it’s all about the vegetables. Check out the full challenge details below. Week #2 Moderate-vigorous exercise to burn: Single Serving: 1000 cal Goin’ for Seconds : 1350 cal Week #2 Wellness Challenge: Eat Vegetables with Each Meal Read the Article (below) Eat Vegetables with each meal every day this week Record 1 point on your […]

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Week #1 Turkey to Turkey Challenge 2016

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OCTOBER 11 – OCTOBER 16 Gobble! Gobble! It’s Turkey time again. The Turkey to Turkey Challenge is back with a twist. This year, in addition, to completing daily wellness challenges, you will complete physical activity equivalent to burning a Turkey dinner. We have two challenge levels: Single Serving and Goin’ for SecondsNot registered for the challenge? No worries. Request your official tracking sheet and calorie burn chart. Then follow along on the blog. This 7-week fitness and lifestyle challenge will make a difference […]

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The Run Group that Could!

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The Nexen Wellness Centre offered a Stampede Road Race Prep Clinic this past spring. The training started April 28 with Nexen contractor and run coach, Sheena Denscombe. Sheena put the group through their paces every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch for 10 weeks. They trained hard. They had fun. They accomplished their goal. Below, Sheena tells us a little bit about the run club experience and provides a glimpse into their July 6 race day experience. “Here is what Win Together […]

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Choosing your habits

When contemplating the prospect of a healthier lifestyle, your initial thoughts might turn to the bad habits you should give up.  In reality, wellness is not an ethic of self-denial but rather it is a philosophy of self-renewal and self-expectancy.  It doesn’t take long to realize that being healthy is far more than just what’s left after you’ve given up all your bad habits.  Being healthy is an active process that maximizes your vitality and effectiveness. It is true that […]

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