Welcome back to the Amazing World of Colour. As we continue our way up the tower of of the mind, we arrive at the second chakra and the colour orange. The question to ask yourself now is WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?Lotus Meditation Chakras


Second Chakra Symbol

The colour of passionate leadership and the consciousness of courage, orange will find a way to get you to your destination. Ruled by the element of water, the second chakra goes with the flow finding the path of least resistance and persevering to the realization of your goals.

It’s not all hard work and goal chasing with orange however. Curious as a cat, explorer orange is as much about the path as the destination.

Expect to take the road less travelled with this one…
AND LEAVE TIME FOR SOCIALIZING. Healthy relationships are at the forefront of second chakra values.

Orange seeks to bring people together with a purpose. Recognizing the power of diversity, the orange energy strives to identify individual gifts and recruit them for the benefit of all.

See the energy of orange in action in the branding and operation of the Wellness Centre. We strive to create a warm, welcoming eOriginal Logo - Blognvironment for you to grow your personal potential for the benefit of family, friends and the global market.

How do you get this energy working for you? Get moving. The second chakra is defined by energy in motion.  Located in the lower back and groin, awaken second chakra gifts by walking, running, biking or dancing. Diet will do it too! Oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, papaya, pumpkin, cantaloupe – these are all tasty ways to call out this inner leader.

Tomorrow, Solid Gold reveals its treasures. The surprise is that it’s buried in you.

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