The Amazing World of Colour continues today with green, the colour of the heart chakra. This is the fourth chakra and the midpoint in our journey to the realization of our highest potential. As the centre chakra, the fourth marks a pivotal point in our development. This is the place of transition. Lotus Meditation Chakras

Change isn’t always easy. We have to be willing to venture into the unknown. This is the choice made in the third chakra where the will resides. We choose to expand beyond our limitations, pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone and growing into all we can be.


Fourth Chakra Symbol

Growth is as natural as the breath. Life is meant for learning. The fourth chakra teaches us to embrace our experiences, trusting that everything happens for a reason. Every moment is calling out more of our potential. Take it in. Trust that your life is part of a greater design. Like a piece in a puzzle, you have a unique shape, individual qualities and a perfect place where you belong. You are not separate but a key component in the grand scheme.

Green is the colour of nature. The fourth chakra connects us to our inner nature. Finding our place in the ecosystem of life, we begin to flow with the natural rhythm of evolution. The same as the trees follow the seasons in spiraling cycles of growth, heart consciousness plugs us into our instincts. Naturally, we begin to find ourselves consistently in the right place at the right time. We are in synch with the world around us. No stress. Peaceful.

Sound like heaven? It’s closer than you think.  Like an electrical outlet, the energy of every chakra is constantly available within. You just have to plug in to draw the benefits. Balance is the cord to connecting to the qualities of green. Try tree pose.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Balance can also be found in your diet. Eat your greens! Join the natural cycles of life. Celery, cucumbers, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, green beans, spinach, lettuce, peas, sugar snap peas, zucchini…the list is long for green.

To finish, let’s take a quick look at the subtle differences between our two green TRIBES in the expression of the fourth chakra.

Jungle Green emphasizes the growth phase. Life is thick with new information, opportunities and relationships. Care must be taken not to get tangled up in the overgrowth. A little mind maintenance is in order. Get back to the basics. Who are you at your core? Connect to your inner nature and groom the garden of your growth to support who you know yourself to be.

Gladiator Green calls out the warrior within. It’s time to take a stand and fight for your heart’s desire. Don’t shy from the public arena. You’re an inspirational example of integrity and leadership. This is your nature. Nurture it and let your love shine.

Next time, we meet Ice Blue to hear what they have to say about the throat chakra.












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