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Part 5 of the Amazing World of Colour covers the Ice Blue TRIBE as our representative of the throat chakra.  The throat is the fifth chakra, associated with the day Friday, light blue and located in the neck and shoulder area. This is our communication centre.

Communication is a two way street. A healthy fifth chakra is evident in the expression of your authentic self and in focused listening. Both of these are a function of the head and spine. Like a cell phone tower, the head and spine both transmit and receive signals.

Transmission is related to your Signature Frequency. You are a unique Colourful Musical Notenote in the choir of life. Studies show that each individual’s nervous system emanates a unique frequency. Think of the body like a woodwind instrument. You can blow into a flute, clarinet, oboe or saxophone and produce a different sound. You use the same breath however the unique shape, size, and overall design work together to produce a unique expression.

The same is true of your body. You’re a unique instrument. Like the breath in the woodwind example, the same life force animates all of us. Factors such as the length of your spine, size of your individual vertebrae and the volume of your skull result in a unique tone being produced.

The ideal posture creates the perfect instrument. Spirit flows through the head and spine in an optimal way, creating the pure expression of your Signature Frequency. Tuned in to the bigger picture, you consciously know and fulfill your purpose.


Symbol of the Fifth Chakra

“Can I have your autograph?”

You’re an energetic wave. The flow of your writing is a graphing of your frequency. Similar to the output from an ECG that shows the pattern of the heart, your writing shows the flow of this internal frequency. When someone is in alignment with their life purpose, we want their autograph, providing a record of divine perfection manifest. This truth is evident in the Sanskrit word for the fifth chakra, Vissudha, which means Pure.

Handwriting is a diagnostic tool. Changes in the flow of the life force will show in your writing. Things like stress, illness and age influence this energetic output and provide information regarding your overall health. For instance, if your writing becomes quite shaky, this indicates an instability or weakness in the life force.

The simple solution to creating wellness is alignment of the head and spine. Simply put, stand up straight. Your mother was right. Posture matters. This is the basis of yoga. Posture is practiced to create optimal flow of the life force through the body, resulting in self awareness and the ideal expression of who you are.

The energy of ICE BLUE speaks to introversion. You quietly listen within and feel a deep connection with who you are and what direction to take in your life. Your reluctance comes in letting the fullness of your personality shine. Know that the world is waiting for your message. Only you can be you so SING OUT!

Need help? Practice yoga and meditation. Yoga postures create the physical alignment of our inner communication tower. Meditation utilizes this alignment of the head and spine for both transmission and reception of our divine nature. When aligned not only do we find purity in expression but clarity in our reception. The inner voice of our intuition is easily heard. We know what action to take. We make decisions consciously and keep ourselves on track with our perfect life plan.

Foods support us in this process. Blueberries, blue potatoes, plums and asparagus are a few culinary delights to feed the fifth chakra and help us find your true self.

Next on our journey along the Royal Path to higher consciousness is non-other than Royal Blue.






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