Lotus Meditation ChakrasWhat do the Mind, Meditation and the TRIBE Charity Challenge have in common? The colours of the rainbow!

In Eastern anatomy, the mind is made up of seven energy centres that are arranged along the head and spine in the colours of the rainbow (see photo right). These energy centres are called chakras. Think of them like computer hubs. These are areas where a large number of nerve endings are concentrated, transmitting and receiving information to and from the head and spine.

The colours themselves correspond to the frequency or speed of consciousness. Red is the slowest level of the mind located at the bottom of the spine. Like faster and faster computer processors, the speed of consciousness increases as you move upward to the highest centres at the level of the brain.

The goal of meditation is to concentrate your awareness in the head and spine to unite with the power of all seven centres. Enlightenment or the ‘state of light within’ is obtained when your awareness completely merges with these seven internal centres. This is the fulfillment of being human as the term ‘human’ is formed of two words ‘hue’ meaning colour and ‘man’ for mind.

Colours in your environment stimulate the chakras. Colours showing up in your life can also indicate which chakra is currently most active in the growth and development of your mind. The TRIBE Charity Challenge T-shirts are made in all colours of the rainbow. The colours of the shirts stimulate the corresponding chakras in any one that sees them in addition to providing the individual TRIBE member with insight into which aspects may currently be most important in their life.

This week I will share some of the qualities of each chakra in terms of the coloured TRIBES. Each chakra is actually associated with a specific day of the week. Following the rainbow, the first chakra is red. It relates to Monday so Robust Red TRIBE will be first today. I’ll cover one TRIBE each day for the remainder of the week. Enjoy.

Red is our ‘caveman’ consciousness located at the base of the spine. It provides the foundation for all other levels of the mind and therefore calls our attention to the simple necessities of life – air, water, food, clothing and shelter.

First Chakra Symbol

The key motivation for this level of the mind is survival.  In our society, a great deal of our basic survival needs require money. Consequently, our occupational and financial healths are associated with the first chakra. If either is compromised, the foundation of our chakra tower becomes shaky and the mind is unsettled.

To reclaim feelings of safety and security, this chakra says, “It’s time to get down to earth”. Be present. Focus on the physical. Go to the gym. Eat right. Focus on the simple pleasures in life. Don’t know where to begin? This chakra is associated with the pelvic floor so Pilates exercises are a great start to finding the stability you crave. Food for thought; eat red fruits and vegetables -apples, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries. Red foods will strengthen the vibration of this chakra and help you to see that you have everything you need.

There you have it. The rainbow connection links together the mind, meditation and our very own TRIBE Charity Challenge. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out all you ever wanted to know about Fierce Orange.

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