JANUARY – Train Your Brain #1

Another 4 days gone and counting!train-your-brain-cropped

Last Thursday, we held the first of 12 monthly Train Your Brain sessions in Nexen’s Discovery Theatre (replay link below).

I began the conversation wishing everyone a Happy New Year and reminding you that you now had 346 days to make this year count. Today marks 341. Have you used each day to take practical steps toward your goals?

Training the mind is like training the body. You need a plan done consistently to drive change.

I suggested two possible daily practices for keeping your mind training on track. First, the use of the Headspace.com meditation app. Headspace offers a free TAKE 10 program – 10 minutes of meditation per day for 10 days. You can repeat TAKE 10 as much as you like or sign-up for a subscription, opening a massive meditation library with meditations on focus, performance, cancer, relationships etc. I’m on day 402 and I have yet to repeat a meditation! Choose 10, 15 or 20 minute sessions. It’s up to you. The great thing about the app is it tracks your commitment, noting the length of your run streak (consistent days meditating). This keeps you motivated and on track day by day for the whole year.

And then for something completely different…I also suggested, The Bible Project, a reading plan to take you through the Bible in one year. The reading plan is supplemented by short videos that provide an overview of each section. Similar to Headspace, what makes this practice powerful is the daily checklist. Each day you register your commitment to the process of developing one-pointed concentration. If you are interested in this option and missed getting the schedule, send me an email (paul.larmer@nexencnoocltd.com). It’s not too late to start. You just alter the schedule so that today is day one and your year runs into 2018.

With either of the above options, your simple practice of 10-20 minutes per day keeps your mind on track and steady through the year. It’s this steadiness of mind which is referred to as meditation.

Neither of these practices may row your boat and that’s okay. We’re all different. The requirement is that you have a check in system. Something that you sign, click, or record to register your daily practice.

If you would like to review the nuts & bolts of the first Train Your Brain session or you weren’t able to attend, here is the link to the presentation (35 minutes as it does not include the opening meditation.)

The next session is February 16, 12:15-12:55 p.m. in the Discovery Theater (Annex A)
Register on myGPS
All are welcome.
If you missed the first session, I do recommend listening to the replay above.

I look forward to seeing you,Paul

Program Coordinator
Nexen Wellness Centre





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